Curated by Urban Strategist Scott Burnham, NatureStructure provides a framework for a new generation of nature-centric design and development; work created to support and employ nature in addressing the problems human development has created for itself.

The NatureStructure exhibition premiered at the Boston Society of Architects, in 2018, featuring a vast array of international projects that weave built projects with nature and natural functions to enable cities and regions to function as living systems.

The works on display included the first US appearance of the Delfland Sand Motor, a feat of engineering that uses coastal tides to distribute sand along the coast of the Netherlands to reverse erosion and protect against sea level rise; Pop-Up, a revolutionary parking garage by Denmark’s Third Nature that rises in the city scape as its base absorbs rainwater overflow; and 3D printed reefs and seawalls by Australia’s Reef Design Lab to repopulate Sydney Harbor sea life and counter the depletion of reefs in the world’s oceans.